Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cosmic Sky Star Stallion

My stallion rides the Milky Way, stars for eyes, northern lights for tail and mane.

Galloping across the midnight blue-black sky, comets streak beneath the thunder of his hooves, each falling star a pony of his sky herd.

He tips the Big Dipper around the northern Pole Star pouring out a waterfall of star force--cosmic star fire raining down to our blue-green planet Earth.

Just before sunrise, descending to his earthly realm in the mountain meadows -- Strong, Proud, Bold -- majestically prancing and rearing to gather all his herd to himself.

Nuzzling whiskers tickle me relentlessly. Nuzzling until I neigh with ecstasy as he nickers, certain of my pleasure.

Starfire he brings to earth, inseminating the day with playful joy and harmony. Today is a good day to live inside that blessing as we do what we must, sparkled by the Cosmic Sky Star Stallion.
Heart Orgasm

Blood lava of kundalini tingles the toes, pumping heartwards.

Are you willing to go into your heart with this?

Heart erupts -- voice cries, moans, gasps, sobs angel sounds -- inner planes respond with flapping angel wings.

Eyes cry diamonds wet with the agony and the ecstasy of pure Love.

Dilation of the heart and soul accomplished. Tantra is tenderness. Sexual life force is healing.

Why does the thought of You ravaging me conjure a kaleidoscope of neon crystal rainbows, dripping and sliding into dazzling
rubies, emeralds, blue topaz, and pink quartz, evanescing into pure white diamond shimmer, along with all of me?

You are my searing Love Flame, piercing deeply to my core, and I become parched dust for you. Now revive my essence with your wet, wet kisses, I beg you my Love and Lord of the Night, before the four winds scatter me.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Gored and hollowed by a nuclear blast of kundalini and only stardust remains.....Can we survive this?
Look at the stars tonight, my Love, because together we will be stardust ourselves.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 2, 2011 Misty Morning Mindfulness

Tis a privilege to Age

Happy day of my birth,
May it be filled with merriment and mirth,
Full of celebration with friends of my generation.

May I know
Prosperity, success, and happiness will grow,
Keeping my life active, moving forward, on the go.
With equal measure of work, play, and rest
In order to bring forth my best.

Tis a privilege to age--
And turn another page.
Live another year--
Embracing adventure while here.

To struggle and juggle what life may bring
Knowing the winds of change may fling
Away anything.

I release all sadness and fear with a tear.
Face today's new sun with a smile
Glad to be here for awhile.
My countenance will show
Wisdom as I grow to know
The wrinkles and gray hair are my badge of courage.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kronos and Chiros 2 x 2

2 seconds for two pairs of eyes to spark
2 minutes for two hearts to pound
2 hours for two souls to discover each other
2 days for love kindled to smolder
2 weeks for passion to ignite
2 months of wild fire burning ecstacy
2 years to perfect the flaws of human love, polish the rough spots of each heart
2 lives joined as one, committed to each other's excellence and unfoldment

2 eternities of remembrance of the Beloved